I Am

Like soccer, I may be kicked around by the obstacles of life;
I always reach the goal.
As old soul as a 1973 Buick Century, I hold great value and a great era.
I am New York City; I may not sleep by the continuance of my dreams and visionary uprise
I am revolutionary; I hold life.
I am Romanticism, driven by my emotions yet intellect, my visions;
I am my admiration for nature and life; I am part of a higher purpose.
Like fall, dark and beautiful, cold and quiet, yet a warm and comfortable spirit.
As the 7:30 pm sunset, I enlighten while I can expose things in a different light that is often beautiful or dark.
I am as upbeat as hope, often a reliever of the dark times, I bring happiness, I bring purpose;
I will never give up.
I am a tree, full of soul as I stand tall and rock my roots and crown of leaves.
I am.

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