I Am

I am the deafening ringing of an alarm at 6:15
The cracking of bones pulling themselves out of bed
Fabric of black shorts being worn for the 100th time
The rattling of vitamins in their plastic container
Heavy footsteps on a treadmill
The light gold of eyeshadow on an eyelid

I am the yet to be completed assignments for the day
The sound mute symbol on a google meet
The deep pink of a Starbucks Refresher
the taste of an everything bagel with cream cheese
The endless clicking of fingers on a keyboard
the slowly draining motivation throughout the school day

I am the feeling of relief after a long school day
The first notes of music filling up a dance studio
The turtle neck used to hide insecurities
The correction on stiff hands and wandering eyes
The feeling of losing yourself in your movement

I am the closing of a car door after a long day
The sound of a mother and daughter arguing
The cold water running down a back
The comfort of a warm bed ready repeat

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