I Am...

Why should I change myself for you? Am I not good enough?
Is my hair too dark or too curly? Am I too tall or fat?
Are my clothes not stylish enough for you?
Or is it simply because I am not like you?
I am myself.
I will not bow, or bend, or succumb to your views.
I'm not part of your posse of mass-produced Barbie dolls.
I'll stand alone if I have to.
I don't need to carry a shield against the world.
God made me strong enough. He made me in His image. Not in yours.
He has made us all in an array of colors, of flavors.
We were not meant to be the same.
The world He made was not meant to be gray, or black and white.
He made our blood crimson, roses are the bright red of lust.
He made the sky a hope-inspiring blue,
the seas of the Caribbean a calming turquoise.
He made the grass a bright green so after the dead of winter,
We would see it and know that it is over.
He made us in different colors.
Not to separate us, but to make His world more beautiful and diverse.
I will not let myself be your shield.
I can't let my true colors hide behind yours.
I am a beautiful person,
Shining in my own colors of strength, hope and tranquility.
No matter what you say, that I am not good or pretty or rich enough.
You cannot break me down anymore.
I will let my own colors shine, and go down my own path.
For you are not my shepherd and I am not your sheep.

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