I Am

I am amazing I am God in flesh I am the enemy of death I am life
I am the life that breathe breath I am the life that brings joy in
abundance I am everlasting happiness I am blessed I am beyond flesh
I am the spirit within I am conscious of who I am
I am magnetic to the miraculous I am the creator of cause and effect
I am what I think I am so I am the most supreme manifestation
of the universe I am thankful for the defeat that brought me victory
I am one with all things I am formless inside the form of man
I am the sun that burns don't you feel me I am man woman and child
I am known as wise because I understand that I am I am the past
present and future I am the earth that you walk on so please
please watch your step I am the light that illuminates
the night my face is the moon I am good bad happy and sad
I am the question and the answer I am. I am sharper than
the SWord that destroyed many nations through senseless wars
I am the nations that overcame those senseless wars
I am he that is and he that is I am.

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