I Am…

Hello I am a racist,
Just because I'm white.
Hello I am a homophobe,
Because it's not "right."
Does this make sense?
Because it isn't true.
I do not agree with it,
But others do.
They see me and they think,
"Oh, he's got it great!"
But how would they know
When all they think is hate?
Because of my color,
And my gender,
But mostly my race,
They don't know my story,
Or how I feel.
I try to keep it real,
And I try to be true,
But it's hard when others feel for you.

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This Poems Story

I am Alexis Schleinkofer a fourteen year old writer. I got the inspiration for this poem when people were judging others without knowing their story. So I made up a character who wasn't based on anyone, that was there to tell a story and make you feel something. I just wanted to express my feelings without telling people, I wanted the reader to feel something. Some people that are important to me are my parents, brother, family and best friends. Besides writing I like running, art, and reading. That's a little about me.