I am

My moods are like seasons.
My mood changes for certain reasons.
It's like a day of a season's solstice.
My mind is like a hazy, white, cold mist.
This is me, yet I stay the same,
An odd, different girl, I will remain.
I am the autumn winds that blow,
I am the little snowflakes, made of snow.
I am the summer's shining sunlight,
I am the flowers of spring, glowing bright.
I am the showers that brings flowers to may,
I am the blizzard that makes you stay inside all day.
I am the autumn leaves, falling from the trees.
I am the blue of the oceans and all of the seas.
I am like seasons, yet still the same,
Pay attention my friend, people change.
I am the spring’s yearly hurricane,
I am the ice on car windows that drive you insane.
I am the cold breezes in the middle of the night,
I am the summer's sun, making you lose sight.
I am the spring’s bright rainbow,
I am the darkness of night when it's time to go home.
I am the winter's burning cold,
I am the sunshine, glowing gold.
Just an odd, different girl, I stay the same.
This is me, I will remain.

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