I Am…

I am a lemon with a twist of sour lime.
I am a star in the sky with the brightest shine.
I am a purple rose grown in a field of dandelions.
I am a free spirit flying, looking for a rainbow to land on.
I am a heart of gold that once was brass.
I am that dew droplet on the tallest blade of grass.
I am a thunderous ocean wave that crashes the shore.
I am a keeper of rare jewels searching for more.
I am a cloud in the blue sky with such unique shape.
I am a rip in a book just waiting for a piece of tape.
I am a spider who's web may never sparkle in the rain.
I am a survivor with the courage to fight through the pain.
I am who I am and I could never change,
Because being anything would just be strange.

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