I am a Blanket

My dear, I am a blanket; loved when you need me, and kicked aside when you don’t
For you don’t understand that blankets grow lonely too
You don't understand that while the blanket may keep you warm in the cold
You heat its every fiber, bringing it to use, bringing it to life
For without a person to hold, to wrap in love
A blanket is as useful as a trapdoor on a lifeboat, when there is no one to warm, no one to save.
You people, you crowd, you dreadful society
Cast me aside like the one-eyed cat that arrives on your doorstep
Not beautiful enough to take into your arms.
Just pathetic enough to care for a moment, and shut the door
You freeze the blanket, you dismiss the cat, you reject all that does not fit your image.
For I am the child’s drawing, the scribbled lines
For to the child, it is a masterpiece, and to the world,
It is none but a foolish mess, worthless, and tossed to the trash.
My dear, I am a blanket; I rescue you when you need me
And am thrown to the floor when you can heat yourself.

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I feel like explaining poetry defeats the point of poetry