I am a book

I am a book
I’m the same through all the years
There is a rip here and there
Each day is a new page
Each year is a new chapter
But i’m still the same
My cover will fade it, will tear
But i’m still the same
There will be something new through the chapters
A new person a new animal
A new feeling
I am still the same

I am a book
On page one there are the two names
The names of the people I dedicate my book to
The people I thank for my book
On page two there is a tear
It is a hiccup in my life
In chapter one there are no tears
But there are a few scribbles and blank spaces
My cover its torn
Its small but its there
A few chapters into my book
There is a new emotion added
There are tears on that page from where its been attacked
I am still the same

I am a book
I am the same
I add a new page every day
I add a new chapter every year
They are torn, they are ripped
My cover will fade
But I am the same

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