I am a Deafblind Woman

I am a Deafblind woman.
I wonder if you can see and hear me.
I hear everything's muffled, yet I sway to the music's beat.
I see everything's blurry, yet vibrant colors stand out.
I want access to your world.
I am a Deafblind woman.
I pretend you didn't just dismiss me and say "Never mind".
I feel confident and independent nevertheless.
I touch the world around me, I access information through tactile.
I worry my world is shrinking around me.
I cry when I see the ignorance and hate.
I am a Deafblind woman.
I understand this is all new for you.
I say I am still a human being.
I dream of an equal world.
I try teaching you, but you're not ready.
I hope you open up your eyes and ears and understand.
I am a Deafblind woman.

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