I Am a Jain

I am a Jain.
What compels me to be so?
Silver pots of chandan and wooden trays of sweetly fragranced pushpa
Rosary beads and adorned white marble murtis,
The constant hum of people in reverent prayer,
The tapping of the tablas
The rustling of the sadhu's robes moving through the empty chamber,
The gentle chime of the bells, background to the lilting melodies,
Praiseful stavans being devotionally sung.
The word more powerful than us all,
Creating a bond even stronger than blood- kshama.
Nothing is keeping me bound to this religion, yet even so I stay.
The feeling of being in another state of consciousness,
Transcending above my everyday self awareness.
I am in awe of the sheer knowledge radiating from the Acharya,
And by the little things,
Making me proud to be able to proclaim,
I am a Jain.
I am tied to this religion in more ways than I thought possible.
Each new morsel of information only causing me to hunger for more.
So proudly, I say
I am a Jain.

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