I AM A Multidimensional Being

I chose to travel through
The multidimensional universe
In my physical garment
Being dimensional is similar to
A drop of water in the ocean
Is the drop of water part of the ocean
Or separated from it
A wave in the ocean
Is the wave part of the ocean
Or separated from it
Separated from the divine
Or part of the divine

Accepting that I am separated
That is fear
That is lack
I am my divine heart
I am my on energy
I am my on consciousness
I have the same qualities
I have the same divine powers
I have the same divine love
In that place of fear
In that place of separation
None shall exist
Can the darkness exist in sunlight
In that acceptance
I am multidimensional
I exist on all planes
consciousness Simultaneously
No limitation
Simultaneously outside time
Simultaneously within time
Simultaneously within space
Simultaneously outside space
Simultaneously I am
Simultaneously I am not
I will not live by my limited mind
I live by my understanding
I will live by my conscious
That comes with this limited
Becoming aware of who I am
changese I am experiencing
The process of ascension
I am experiencing leaving
This third dimension
All dimensions are entwined within
Similar to the threads in a garment
Once again I am ascending to
Higher planes of consciousness
Thought out dimensions
Seeing myself
Through understanding
Physical reality
I am conscious
I am a multidimensional bing


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