I Am a Statistic

I am a lost cause and a lost soul.
I am a rose with no petals and a thousand thorns.
I am every gun with no control.
I am every death camp and every stillborn.

I am the first dead of every holocaust.
I am the shadow of dead tyrants.
I am every nuclear bomb with no cause.
I am every last letter of a death warrant.

My steps are the ticks of death's clock.
My breaths are the acid rains.
My spine is the suicide's last stop.
My hair is the prisoner's chains.

My dry heaves are earthquakes.
My pockets are trapped methane.
My heart is the melting icecaps.
My body is a toxic wasteland.

I am an aborted revolution.
I am a hanged dream.
I am a killer.

I am.

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