I am afraid of nothing in my life

No matter having tons of homework to do in a really terrible day, walking alone in the nights, living far away from my home, learning a new skill that I haven’t done before...

I know I’m strong,
so I am never satisfied with my current situations.
I know I’m strong,
so I am never afraid of darkness,
I sing nicely and loudly to keep the evil things away from my life.
I know I’m strong,
so I choose to study in an unfamiliar country and school with no regrets.
I am aware that my heart is always connected with my first home,
from my family to my country,
I never leave anyone behind.

I become a person from who has no idea what the sperm drum is to one whole can totally control the beats of the drum sets.
I become a person who has no idea what is present and voting to raise my placard as much as possible.
I become a person who is overwhelmed about how hard it will be if the basketball hits me,
to a basketball player who never needs a sub till the end of the game.
I believe what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

Even I still have a long long tough road to go, Taking risks to learn new things is a way of my life. I have no fear at all.
Nothing could beat me! Nothing would hurt me! Nothing would slow down my steps!
For I know I am strong.

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