I am African.

I am whiter than white, but this is my land, Africa.
My, and my children's ancestry is African.
Born in Africa.

As I live here and decades pass,
I'm under bad governance,
arbitrary policy-making and cheating.

The sunshine on my land gives me warmth and pleasure.
But what is written on my heart is,
"You don’t really belong."

I live in this land because there is no other place, I can call home.

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Tags : African, white, land, Africa, Ancestry,bad governance,corruption, cheating, sunshine, warmth, pleasure, Heart, Belong, home
Key Words : African, white, land, Africa, Ancestry, bad governance,corruption, cheating, sunshine, Heart, Belong, home,

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This Poems Story

I am an English-speaking South African. This is the home where I have always lived, a beautiful country. I want to be proud of it, but I haven\'t been in all the years I\'ve lived here. There has been bad governance, with politicians only out for themselves, causing much turmoil and sadness. There is unnecessary poverty and suppression of people.