I Am Beauty

Growing up i loved my skin
The deep dark shade filled with beautiful melanin.
Man oh man I loved my hair
My beautiful kinky locks better than all compare
Until I read a simple fact
A simple fact that set my whole life back
People preferred straight hair
Fair skin
Doll eyes
Well you see I had dark skin, nappy hair , and dull brown almond eyes
Was I still beautiful?
No I couldn't be
So I traveled all the way to the store to find my beauty
I hid behind makeup to light for me
And shoved my hair under hair straight like arrows across sea
I walked with confidence with my head held high
Until passers giggled walking by
Was I still beautiful?
Could they not see?
I had bone straight hair and the fairest skin I could be!
Oh how rude they were to laugh at my hidden looks
Wait, they can't see my hidden looks
They are laughing because this is not me
This straight hair was not part of me
This fair skin was not meant for me
So I took it all off and started fresh
My kinky beautiful hair was not a mess
My dark skin was not a burden it was blessed
So here I am
I am Beauty

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