I Am Counting

Locked all the doors,
Four walls and silence.
Nobody's allowed to bother me today.
One hundred years of solitude, crime, and violence,
I'll never get a chance to say goodbye.
Oh, my sweet loneliness,
How painful
You poison my defenseless unprotected heart.
I took a chance to shake the system,
Mistaking for freedom what was not.
I am neither a saint, nor I am a sinner,
Only a fool can tell the difference between these two.
Closing my eyes to wake up from this dream,
Only to realize that every single thing was true.
Don't seek for me, don't write, don't bother,
Forget the person I once was.
That minute, when she recognized in me an other,
Will always be the thoughts that are haunting her.
I wish I knew that life was pure poison.
I wish I knew the end was near.
One moment, and I'm seeing crimson,
'Cause neither joy is left nor fear.

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