I am dead so are my dreams

My mom sobs wretchedly
Without cease
My King chuckles gallantly
Without remorse
Exhausted, I brood beside the stream
I am dead so are my dreams

Someone has killed my fireflies
my butterflies and my dragonflies
Someone has killed my poems
my songs and my melodies
Someone has killed the blush on my cheeks
and the sway in my hips

My Jasmine blossoms
Without its soothing fragrance
My Blues and my Yellows snub me
And their eyes gleam of contempt
My god mocks with his laughter
while my mama bathes me with my tears

My house reeks of blood and tears
My heart reeks of manifold fears
I can't recall the scent of home
Maybe I should just roam
But I won't cry
I just have to befriend the blue to blue my sky

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This Poems Story

In times of great adversity, hope is the closest thing to bliss. It is the most resilient human emotion which I have tried to depict in my last lines. Hope you like it.