I Am Depression

To those who don’t know me I am depression
My mind wonders without having the thoughts of feeling loved but the thoughts of feeling unloved and unwanted
You asked me who i am , my response was “this is me.”
I’m ok with the compliments
quote on quote “you’re so pretty” but that’s only on the outside, what about what’s on the inside?
On the inside there’s a soul with a voice who’s crying out for help but the tone is set to mute.
Nobody hears you soul.
The mute tone comes with physical appearances
I am not crazy! Just depressed .
Arguing with voices no one else can hear
Why am I arguing with you , self?
I have a battle more so a war with my mind which I will never win.
Hashtag man-down.
I’m wounded by voices but I am my own weapon.
I promise I’m not suicidal, I never said my thoughts weren’t.
So you asked me again who am I and my response is, I am Depression.

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