I Am Enough

I am enough
Hear me scream it to the sky
I am plentiful
I love me myself and I

I am wonderful
And smart
The opposite of a fool

I am everything I want to be
Everything I need
I am learning to love me for me
And I’m blocking out others greed

I am enough in this life
I’m screaming it to all
I’m taking things with less strife
No longer will they watch me fall

Instead they can watch me jump
Straight off the edge of my despair
And you’ll hear my heart start to pump
As I’m tumbling through the air

I dove with great glee
My back arched with grace
My scream wasn’t a plee
Instead it was a set of pace

I dove not because I was melancholic
I did it because I was no longer afraid
And while those who once squandered me frolic
I bask in the glory of being remade

I’m loving myself
“I am enough! I am enough!”
I’m yelling it loudly
My skin is made of diamonds and my heart tough
My father smiles at me proudly

“I am enough I am enough!” I’m yelling it with glee
You are too yes you are enough
Now yell it out with me

We are enough please believe that
My sisters who stand hand in hand
We are no longer a doormat
No longer will our self love be banned

Out of our own hearts
We had started a witch hunt
Burning our own bodies
And ripping them into parts
With weapons of our own making
Words that were the direct opposite of blunt
Words made only for self love taking

No longer should we do this
No more dragging ourselves down
No more dreaming for true loves kiss
Or sitting around waiting to be found

Stop waiting for your prince
Pick up your own damn sword
You’re strong enough to win this
You can slay this demon horde

Yell those three words
As you charge
Make it your battle call
Let’s all grow wings and become birds
Let us fly instead of fall

We are enough
We are more than enough
So forget those dark thoughts
Abandon those who belittle you
All of that stuff
Doesn’t matter

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