I Am Enough

I looked at myself in the mirror today and realized
Hmm, I'm really not that bad.
I'll just call myself a "flawed beauty."
So what if I don't have the coolest,
Prettiest, or the most meaningful name ever.
I make it work.
I may not have the most unique eyes, but so what?
I'm unique.

I may not have the best skin,
But that's not completely my fault.
And hey, it could get worse right?
I'm not that fit, but I'm not a house.
.I could lay off the Doritos.

What am I saying!?
Someone someday will love me for me,
Adore my plain pretty.

They're going to need to look at my dark browns,
And smile at my imperfect one.
Or laugh at my not so funny, corny jokes.
Even though it's not going to be my secret love
From three seats away in math class, it will be someone.
I'll just have to wait my turn.
That person will know I'm not perfect, but treat me as if I am.
Being me is enough.

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