I am Fond Of

I am fond of the soothing swirling air;
or the blue little dress that the sky loves to wear;
or to run about freely everywhere;
these are my feelings that I love to share!
I am fond of the wild furious tempest;
or the obedient weather when it comes to rest;
but the pleasant climate is the best;
these are a few reasons of my zest.

I am fond of the rushing- hushing rain
that reduces the Earth' s burning pain;
or to collect pebbles from narrow lane;
these are a few things from which happiness I gain.
I am fond of mouth- watering scrumptious food;
the colorful fruits are so good;
or the rugged valley on which often I stood;
these are some things which alter my mood.

I am fond of glittery shining glamour;
or tenacious courage ; bravery and valour;
the natures vibrant gaudy color;
In the ocean of fantasy- I am a sailor.
To know my thoughts do you care?
these are the likes that my heart dooes bear;
This way of love I like to share.

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