I Am From

I am from the mountains of New York,
The trials of my Grandfather's woods,
The cooking of my Grandmother's stove,
The amazing and dangerous tales of my Uncle's journeys,
And the strength of my Father.

I am from a cabin we call Hi View,
which sits atop a mountain called Little Porter .
I am from my Great Grandfather's dream,
and his little paradise
I am from the memory of the great man,
who's name sits above Hi View.

I am from the woods,
Where I hear roars and howls of faraway beasts,
I see trees grown tall from the earth for generations.
The darkness of the forest is scary,
Broken only by the light of the sun as it pushes through,
I feel a cool wind, blowing leaves of their trees.

I am from the fire,
The fire is hot
As it warms our souls.
I am from the coldness of winter,
Sleigh rides cutting through the white snow,
Snowballs hitting me thrown from my cousins hands.

I am from the history of the giant hills,
I am from the echoes lost to the land,
I am from the simplicity of life.

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