I Am From

I am from the tree that grows beyond the horizon, from the leaves that bond me and Kleenex.
I am from the house on the corner of the street, full of hardships and filled with love.
Its hint of fragrance barley still here, of beer and worn out shoes from the day's work.
I am from the cactus that thrives among the Texas desert, its pricks concealing its soft inside.
The rose and its thorns protecting it from harms way, my mom guiding me and offering reassurance.
I am from praying every Sunday and doing the week's laundry.
From my mom and dad.
I'm from the peak of life atop Mt. Everest and dancing until my legs refuse to move.
From "You can't fight this alone, let's fight this together," and "Your never alone in your darkest hour, I will be there guiding you and watching over you."
From the apologies and arguments among my family, the divorce of my parents.
The memories kept within my heart.
I'm from the Philippines, Virginia, New Mexico, Texas and the maze and obstacles of life.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about my life and the experience I’ve faced throughout a few years.