i am from a place....

where everyone is on a role
violence is most of us primary goal
a place where we consider ourselves to have no soul
because the devil seems in control

i am from a place where everyone always on their feet
all day long just hustling the streets
trying to make the tension of ends meet
just to offer the kids something to eat

mother cant stop crying
because she always witnessing another person dying
father cant stop emphasizing
saying ''that no one gets rich so we gotta die trying''

i am from a place where sleeping is rare
it is too much of a nightmare ti bare
and just to make it clear
many people believe in superstition there

i am from a place that has too much rain
it symbolizes the large amount of pain
but why we go through so much of a strain?
when there is not much we can gain
i guess that suffering is just a permanent stain

it is probably because opportunity is not a must
whoever gets it that will be a huge bonus
but still in god some of us trust
because he is the one created us from dust

i am from a place that doesn't know much about food
i am from a place that doesn't know whats good
i am from a place that echoes ''make it if you could.
i am from the ghetto an uncivilized neighborhood.

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