I Am From Poem

I am from a mom who works very hard,
day and night,
so that my three little brothers and I can have a place to call home.
I am from an uncle who I can always count on,
to give me advice when I need it the most,
and to help guide me on the right path.

I am from a small three bedroom apartment
with a patio filled with plastic water bottles to recycle
as well as dog toys scattered all over the floor.
I am from a street I’ve lived on my entire life never moving far
with a small playground outside my apartment with a blue slide with a dragon's head on top,
along with a tire swing and two benches.

I am from the tv shows early in the morning when I was younger
like Tom and Jerry and Pokemon.
I am from games with friends and neighborhood kids,
like tag and cops and robbers.
I would stay up late at night so I can continue to play with my friends outside.
I am from those moments in my life
that helped structured me to become the person I am today.

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