I Am From

I am from paper
From pencils and pens
I am from the old house with chipping paint and leaky roof
That taste like home cooked meals
I am from the rose bushes
The oak tree in the front yard
Whose long gone limbs I remember
As if they were my own
I'm from Christmas Eve chilly and craziness
From siblings and parents
I'm from sleeping in and being late
And from laziness
I'm from jokes and stories
And "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"
I'm from going to the fair
I'm from Federal Way and the property
Chili and pastries
From running away by myself
And riding the carousel
The one and only Christmas card picture
Under my bed and on the walls
All the kids together

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This Poems Story

I come from a family of ten. Having seven siblings comes with its perks but also its downfalls. It gives you lots of friends to hang out and play games with, but you know those fights that all siblings have? Happens a lot in my family. Even with its ups and downs I wouldn't trade my family for anything. This poem was an English assignment. I had to read the poem "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon and write a poem like that but for myself and about me.