I Am Guilty

I am guilty.
Of all my wrong doings.
I bring my pain, to all who follow.
I breathe in their sorrow.
Feeling their thirst, for something new.
I take and burn.
I never give, I'm too greedy.
When night time falls, you'll hear their screams.
The devil is lurking.
In your shadows.
You can't hide.
Where eve you go the devil is at stride.
My hands are filthy.
Dirt covering.
I repent to my sins.
God is listening in.
I can't complain when is wrath is rain.
Raining down on me.
Hold your head high.
You might win this fight.
Scream out your battle cry.
You're a warrior.
Somebody deserved to be heard.
The demons may be circling.
They may be whispering deceiving things.
Wipe away your guilt.
Wipe away your pain.
You are here to stay, and I want it to be that way.

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