I am him

I know i may not strike like the perfect shot

But, I am him.

Him that will make you want to believe again
I know they got your heart broken a thousand times
It will only take one to heal it all

Him that you stole his heart and never want it back
Safer he feels as long has his heart is with you

Him that his heart melts when you speak
He forgets you’re still friends and want to call you
back just the next minute

Him that sees forever when he looks at you
In his eyes you’re the most precious light and he can feel it too

Him that will make sure your visions becomes his priority
Willing to do everything to get you there and us to where we belong

Him that believes family is everything
Combining our superpowers we can breed the
next generation of icons

Him that’s finding it hard to get you out of his head
Maybe he never wants you out because he know with
you is where he belongs

Him that knows our life will be beautiful together
Our book on how to love and stay forever will be a #1 Seller

Him that is up all night thinking about you
Wondering why you can’t see it that he’s the one you seek

Him that’s ready and willing to give it all.

I am him

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This Poems Story

It's a true confession. We lived world apart, she's been let down a thousand times, she can't trust easily again but i wanted her to see i am the one she seek.