I Am Hopeful and Perserverant

I am hopeful and perseverant
I wonder if I will make it back home today and the next
I hear the thrusting of lettuce and rapid pulling of tomatoes
I see tired faces covered in sweat as they endure the steaming sun
I want to rest my sore hands
I am hopeful and perseverant

I pretend my cracked hands don't sting while I hold my daughter's hand
I feel proud that I am making an honest living
I gently touch my daughter's innocent face like it might be the last
I worry that immigration might destroy my visions for her and I
I cry to know that every day back home is like dodging a bullet
I am hopeful and perseverant

I understand that crossing the border was not legally right
I say I am not a criminal; all I wanted was a better life
I dream one day these sacrifices make my daughter successful
I try to blur my fearing thoughts so that nothing can hold me back
I hope one day this country understands my true intentions
I am hopeful and perseverant

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