I Am Hs Book

Ever wondered about who I am?
I am the book that I longed to have.
The aroma that I want to whiff.
But, oh!
I am either touched or thrown.

Could that be the reason I am blind?
Open book, but all I can see is the darkness I’ve embroidered,
Tears of betrayal, unloved and worthless are evident,
But, oh!
I think it’s the end of my chapters…

They never liked me,
Well, guess what? Like me, I am tired of displaying myself.
The coldness of my cover whenever I longed for a hug,
But, oh!
I hate it! My parents never taught me that.

Knife, knife, knife, where is it?
Frustrated of the world.
I tried my best but all they see is the bitter words I’ve spoken,
But, oh!
I realized it’s painful to cut my flesh.

And then, one day, I found my reflection
He made me see how the broken book I am, like a bang on my head,
I woke up, and saw the blood approaching on my feet, Is it me?
But, oh!
I saw the light, and He is my author.

The naked book that I once was before,
Clinging for the love that it is now for me,
I found love that made me be a selfless book,
But, oh!
I grasped coz I saw tons of readers inspired by my past.

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