I am……I’m Not

I am ......I'm Not
I am a vegetarian
like a humanitarian.
I am pro-life.
I am nobody's wife.
I graduated high school.
I never had friends, I wasn't cool.
I have a driver's license.
I have no credit or finances.
I am not a voter. I am a pet devoter.
I am not a drinker.
I am more of a thinker.
I am not a smoker.
I am more of a joker.
I am not an addict or fanatic.
I am not erratic.
Or a manic.
I don't panic.
I am not a stalker,
Or a street walker.
Sometimes I am a big talker.
I am not a slut or a nut.
I am not alone.
I am not a ghome.
I have a friend.
Loneliness he can mend.
I am no longer in a rut.
I don't have a big butt.
I am not married.
When I die I don't want to be buried.
I want to be frozen.
That's what I've chosen.
I don't cook or clean.
I just look but I'm not mean.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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