I am in Search for the Eyes

I am in search for the eyes
that never leave mine
when I stare in them
I see the endless universe they hide
the life, the love ,the paradise
the eyes lost in some unknown void
the Strom in them makes me fly
to some unknown sky
the eyes that when I look in them
In ocean with endless horizon I fall
the pearls beneath the roaring waves they hide
making me oblivious of the world outside
Inviting me with them to hunt
beauty , happiness and love in life
that makes me afraid if I get lost
I'll never be able to find the shore
their light will take away my sight
I'll be a forever prisoner searching for light
the eyes that can hold me captive
and the intense emotions when I look in them
makes me afraid to ever dare again
But I am curious to drown in them
and discover the long lost worlds they hide
I am in search for the eyes
that are in search of mine

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