I Am Me

Living in a world that's filled with hate and misery
I try to find myself and learn the things that's new to me
They try to make me fall but they can't seem to move my feet
Thats because its planted to the ground and my hair blows like spring leaves

I am me
Don't judge
You can't judge me

I leave it up to God and I listen to what he has to say
You wont take my soul and pride i fight for it everyday
And don't ask for my forgiveness because it might be too late
That's when I put my feelings aside and just pray for a better day

Because i am me
Don't you see
You can't judge me

Life every voice while I cry inside
I leaned to never climb a mountain fast when its too high
Because if you slip you must be prepared to die
Now your all alone with no one to tell you goodbye
Now you lost a fight and you can no longer try
And all the ones you loved are left right there to cry
Then you leave praying to God asking why

Don't you see
I'd rather be me
I am me

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