I am me

Who am I? Who is she? Who are they? Who are we?
How can I make them change?
Walk the floor? Yell and scream?
Slam the door? Get really mean?
Tell me what I feel. Tell me what I think.
Reality are you there? Do you grow? Do you shrink?
Who am I? Who is she? Who are they? Who are we?
God bless the pain! What's purple rain?
Mickey said God made time to keep it all from
happening at once.
I thought he was funny, I thought he was wise,
I thought he was drunk.
Some can feel, some are numb.
Some speak clearly, some are dumb.
I was blind, not plugged in.
She said to unfocus is the definition of sin.
Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let go!
Looks, the labels are falling off.
The controller enables, the enabler controls.
Who am I? So it goes.
I was wrong, I let it go, I could not see.
I am good, I am small, I am free.
I told all, paid my debts.
Came to change, no regrets.
Jim once said you can't see til you can see.
Oh my God! I am me!

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