I Am Me

You tried so hard to make sure it never went right
Making me suffer alone through these mind-wandering, sleepless nights
I may have faltered and I couldn't provide
Every fantasy and impossible image you foresee in a guy

I took care of you, and defended your relationship-bipolar trips
I let you be the captain of your own sinking ship
I'm not judging your past, nor did you reject mine
Because a bright future shines harder than a dim-less spent life

Why do you fight harder after you see that it's gone?
Why did I fight for you after all the nights that went wrong?
How do I know through the thickest of moments or darkest of times
That God has a plan for me to be perfectly happy 'till the day I die?

I will not change the person I am, to be who you want me to become
I stand stronger, broader and straighter, as a Power of One
I will listen to your points, acknowledge them, but always recall
That this is all a mind game; you're my opponent, wanting me to fall

I am me. My own actor and critique, my own lead-off batter
The chauffeur, the fairy-tale music, the whole buffet platter
A sinner, a scholar, an adventurous male gypsy
Living a worry free life. When I am gone, the world will miss me

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