I Am Me

Somebody once asked me a question of who I really was
That's when my mind went blank and all I heard was a buzz
The question was so simple yet it was the hardest too
And the answer just wouldn't come out I just didn't know what to do
So I sit here and think of the question at bay
I contemplate on the answer but I just don't know what to say
I search my mind endlessly I just don't know how much more I can take
And I don't want to say just anything because then my answer is fake
So I take it back to when I was born
And look at my life between the good and bad I am torn
Which one outweighs which then my head gets to ringing
I choose this way then that like a pendulum swinging
I did a lot of good in my life but the bad is a sin
And I caused so much pain the tears would fill up a bin
But then all the good comes back like a flood in my mind
So I search real deep then the answer I find
It was always so simple and so easy too
I just had to look in my heart and that's all I could do
Who am I was the question and the answer is plain to see
So I hold my head up high when I answer which is I am me

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