I am Mommy

When I look in the mirror it’s not just my face I see
I glance behind me to see two little girls staring up at me
It’s not my reflection that will set their path;
It will be my influence, my example, my guidance that will forever last.
The way I live my life, keep my home, speak to their father
To teach them kindness, love, respect and honor
What role I play in their life this moment will carry them far
But will it be enough? Will they understand life is not always fair and sometimes a bit bizarre?
When they get into trouble will it be me that first comes to mind;
To help them sort out their affairs and get their life aligned?
As I look in the mirror and see them playing in the background; laughing and having fun
I smile knowing that in my darkness times, I look at my children and they shine brighter than the sun
They bring me such joy and teach me a few things about life
So I need to set the best example so they grow up to be a good wife
But for now I will keep them my babies for as long as I can
I know they will soon be grown but to keep them my babies is my grand plan!
When my little girls look at me I hope it’s the same look I gave to my mother
I look back to see all she’s done for me, yes my mom is like no other!
We had our ups and our downs but still turn to each other for love and support
My mom taught me how to handle my business so not to end up in court
I look at my girls and have flash backs of me and my sister when we were young
We’d play, laugh, run around without a care in the world and had lots of fun
But now I am Mommy and with that comes responsibility
I have to work hard to provide for my family as I get nothing for free
Seeing my girls run through the house as happy as can be, I know I am so blessed
I get down in the middle of the floor to play with them in their princess dress!
Today and forever; I am Mommy!

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