I am more

I am more than

I am, in part and whole,
The tears I shed,
When I see love in action,
When I hear love in a song,
When I mourn for your loss,
And for mine.

I am the sharp word on my own tongue,
And the dull blade of the words in my ears.

I am the salt in the food,
The coffee brewed.
The dishes washed.
The conversation I want to escape.
The touch I crave.
The touch I avoid.
The mirror I wish to smash to bit.

I am all of these, and none of these.
Scattered and focused.
Determined and lazy.
I am less than and more than enough,
But never quite enough.

I am strong and weak,
I am truthful, and I carry secrets.
I am broken and mended,
With tiny cracks filled with smiles,
And canyons filled with distractions.

I am, simply, me.
And I am simply you.

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