I Am ( My Dark Side)

I am a cradle sitting on a cloud, waiting for another,
I look down after eight long years, and finally one comes.
I am a fiery ball of anger built up always towards my mother,
My mirror is so tainted that my eyes have become numb.
I am a friend to those who ask, their songs are what I sing,
I find the time to offer those what I have to give.
I am a smiling centerpiece hidden among the other things,
But your eyes are blackened towards what really lies within.
I am one you think you know, but I sadly disappoint,
I do so many things that none of you'd believe.
I am a girl who cries herself to sleep- each and every night.
And the one who sings the songs she knows to her own melody.
I am a soul who finds release in every word I write,
The lines that fill my page, are the looks that cloud my face.
I am a sister to the the babes that solely make me bright,
Besides the ones that twisted me has forbidden me to see.
I am a flower of a tower, but all who love me will be damned,
I- falsely debonair; picture perfect follows you,
I am a strong believer in who I really am,
And I have no interest in what you think of what I do.
I am a sorry bitch, who sits writhing on the floor,
Flowing with the pleasure of forgetting what I'm doing.
I am a lively being, but who wants to be no more,
And I lay on my bed next to my bloody heart that's breaking.
I am not the only girl I know who hides behind a mask
But the only one who keeps inside how she always feels,
I am a brutal liar, but you've never had to ask,
And I guess it's time you knew which side of me is real.

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