I AM My Own Medicine

As I wake up, I feel the elixir deep within me start to merge and I start to purge everything that I’ve allowed to shake me, break me, discombobulate me. I began to realize that nothing and no one was going to save me from myself, so I had to face this, feel it, and then free the notion that something outside of me would do the inner work for me, when truly this inner work was tailor made in another dimension to metamorphosize me in this time, place, 3-D reality forcing me to see that all this was entirely planned by me, my higher self who wants me to let go and breathe.

I had to pay heed to this spiritual nudge within urging me to reach down into the depths of my soul, where my cellular memory lives, encompassing every life I have ever lived, every quest I have tried to tackle, every task I have completed, every test I have faced, and every person that has taught me about love and pain, so I grabbed it, the medicine within and began to swim with the current, rather than fight with deterrents, which has made my life that much more enriched with this inner God nutrient taking over my life like a vital vitamin straight from the kingdom within, making me more equipped with self-love knowing that, I AM, indeed, loved.

The process of sipping on this divine medicine happens continually, making me see I’ve been quite sickly, from pitching a tent in the dark shadowy corners of my psyche, allowing the tyranny of my thoughts to weaken me, but now with the elixir taking over me, healing all those parts of me that have been beaten down by life and its unpredictability, I see that without it, I slip indefinitely. So instead I top off the medicine cup and even let it overflow, so I stay right in its effervescent glow, where it restores and transforms me, making me feel equanimity and less up in arms over petty, trivial things, with more open arms for everyone and everything… then the magnificent brew explodes everywhere in me, allowing the truth to make me see, that there is no problem outside of me, that is superior to the powerful potion within me.

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