I Am My Sisters Keeper

By Alexis   

My Queen, My Queen. Why do you cry?
With your head hung low and tears in your eyes?
Don't beat yourself up my Sister...
We all go thru hard times, sometimes.
Nobody's perfect baby, just pick yourself and realize...
That.. when we fall, it's for a reason.
We were doing something wrong and God needed us to start over and re-strategize.
I am my sisters keeper and I will empathize.
This too shall pass my Sista. Now dry those beautiful eyes.
Clear your throat and lift your head up high...
Scream No More Drama like Queen Mary J. Blidge!
Again I say my sista, dry your diamond shaped eyes.
Next time you feel like you need to talk.
Be like Queen Jill Scott and with God, Go Take A Long Walk.
Remember to always respect yourself and make others respect you.
Queens Latifahs U-N-I-T-Y wasn't made just for us to sing the blues.
Let's call each others Sisters, Queens and Goddesses like our ancestors who died to pay our dues.
Stand up with your back straight and be empowered...
Speak your truths, speak loud and don't be a coward.
Queen Whitneys motivational I'm Every Woman should give you life to move forward.
Be the Rose that you really are, not the one that's dying and deflowered.
Like Queen Bey said, get yourself together and Get in Formation.
Us Black Women must stick together this day and age, in this century, in this nation.
We run the world in any and all situations.
I mean, we are the vehicle to the human life creation.
My Queen, you're glowing again.
That's the things I like to see.
Queen Yolonda would be proud of you...
Because u got the victory..
It's definitely a Miseducation.
Queen Lauren Hill, in one album, gave absolute life!
We need to educate our Prince and Princesses with 3rd eye, true divine knowledge and raise them up right.
Embrace your kinks, locks and braids, melanin and natural beauty.
Like Queens Erykah and India Arie..
Strength, Courage and Wisdom.. It's been inside of me... Yes, you better say that Queen Arie.
Stand firm in your Black Power Queen..
Whereas Queens like Eartha Kitt and Nina Simone fought Black Power so us Queens can not just be lusted over but heard and also seen.
My Queen, look at me.
Can't you see that your a reflection of me?
That Queens like Michelle Obama didn't be our voice during times where the black woman is viewed as silent and weak.
Do it for Queen Harriet, who risked her life so we could be free...
Get up and walk in your light to your throne full of your spiritual shine and glory.
Be a Queen and not just a Queen to... be.

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