I am Nature

I am Nature. You are supposed to respect me;
Yet you persist to bleed your oily pipes into my soil;
Staining the hot city with curses and threats;
Finding countless ways to destruct and spoil

You bully me, pollute my spotless air;
Bring your heedless army to shatter the world together;
But I am stronger than you. If I stumble, then you fall too;
Faster, harder and so much further

I'll bring you ferocious storms, If that’s what you desire;
Days comprising of a season-less haze;
Wildfire, drought, despair and destruction;
A lifetimes fate for irreversible change

Soon I will crumble and leave to you;
A tortured horizon marked by your mistakes and spite;
I gave you the chance of a faultless earth;
You turned the other cheek, kept your eyes shut tight

Will you know when you have crossed the line;
Realise your downfalls when its just too late;
Snatch away all hope for future generations;
Blunder on blindly, oblivious to their fate

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