I am no longer the hunted

The seething vines that grip at my mind.
Thorns that scratch emerging from them.
I am bleeding and I’m dying. Beyond all that, I am trying.
I shore up the barriers, I stack the bricks high.
The walls build swiftly before me, barely a blueprint in my mind.
Yet now proceeding from the ether.
I am saved.
The breath I feel I haven’t taken is now filling my lungs.
I feel the night air.
She is cool and light and welcomes me like a kiss upon my cheek.
A gentle stroke upon my brow.
I reach to her and she gives everything I need and more.
The energy, it builds in my veins.
It’s a storm that can only be contained by the lightest touch.
For I am both thunderous yet tender.
The bricks they melt, they transform.
The solid, steady fortress is now something much more.
It is flexible, malleable, softer than the spider’s silk.
Yet, yields a strength that steel would bow to with reverence.
The guardian shimmers in my mind’s eye like soft waves upon a lake.
The waves they build, they are eager.
I give them leave to seek, to pursue, to devour.
I am no longer the hunted…

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