I Am Normal

Everyone thinkth THINDERELLA ith all that
Even with a ton of makeup on my fathe
I thill have imperfethtions
It'th like no matter what
They want me to change thomething
Thill I have to be perfect, no imperfethtions
I feel tho fake
I am not perfect
People are all like "How ith it marrying the printhe?"
All I can think ith "You all don't know the bit of it"
I have to be perfect
Everyday, Every time I am out of the palathe
I am not perfect, nobody ith perfect
Yet everyone expectth me to be.
Children envy me, but I am jutht like them,
I am a normal perthon, no spethal abilitieth
All I did was marry a printhe
I can't even go outthide without thomeone knowing who I am
All I want ith to be a normal perthon
Not a printheth, not a maid, a normal perthon
With normal problemth
To be able to go outthide unnotithed
I need to be normal
If I had one more with
It would be, to be normal
All I want ith to be normal!

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