I Am Not Afraid Of

I am not afraid of dying,
It takes only my breath.
I live on and on and always
Even in my death
Who will lose the sight of me?
And forget this woman, oh?
I walk this Earth, and with two feet
Make my mark upon this world.
I face my fears
For that is life.
But is dying one of them?
I live my days
And sleep my nights,
Wondering what will happen then.
Will my photos still plaster the wall?
Or will they be just empty frames?
Will my voice still fill the halls?
Or will you forget my childish games?
Will I be nothing more than a ghost?
A past that is forgotten at the most?
Will my passing be my end?
There are those afraid of life,
And living to their last breath
But no,
I am not afraid of dying.
I only fear my death.

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