I Am Not Gone

As my eyes slowly slip closed and the life is drained from me,
Do not be sad.
Do not cry or look up wondering why I had to go.
I am not gone.
I am the gentle breeze you feel in the cold morning air.
I am that cherry blossom petal
That landed on your shoe
Yesterday afternoon on your way home from work.
I am the blush
That creeps up on your cheeks when he compliments you.
I am that one strand of hair
That you can never get to stay in place.
I am the loose button on your favorite shirt.
I am the first raindrop on a long stormy night.
I am the crack at the end of your dining room table.
I am that nail
That you always stub your toe on and complain you must get removed.
I am the words that leave your lips.
I am the air all around you.
Therefore, do not cry when I am gone, for I am not gone at all.

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