I am not strong but strength

lf you tell me, oh woman, the weak creature
You're only a fault of nature
Oh high hills. l don't see you as a prophet
Technologists, or the maker of a car or jet
Why don't you have a place in a high rank
Tell us, what do you want, in frank?
l tell you, l am the colorless wind, pushing you is my hope
l'm a ladder, my road is steep and am the maker of the slope
l am not strong but strength, hence
Only when you grow up you can sense
I can build a mountain of strength in you with a smile
And with a glance l can destroy it into slime
l win the first places in schools and universities
But when l marry, l do for you all of my activities
l am Marri Quire، if l want,l can be two scientists not only one
l am a butterfly, my heart is in glass and my power is in iron
I am the remedy, hospital and a doctor too
My love is as much as God's love for you
You are always in debt and l am your lender
In front of my generous heart you're a beggar
Your light is mine. Cause I'm the sun and you're the moon
I've shared my bones with you, that's why getting old soon
l am the pillar of holding this earth
But only the wise knows my worth

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