I Am Not the One

No I answered, I am not like the rest
I am my mother's child so I assume that I was blessed
Because her teachings have gotten me far even with the mistakes I made
I realize I am better for the rest for goodness sake
Everyone wants me to be like the rest, they want me to be the one
The one who's never serious, all games and all fun
I will never be the one who sits by your side until told to stand
Because I am not a child who speaks only when spoken to
You do not deserve me and I definitely don't deserve you
I will not be like the rest I am not a counterfeit
I am the one you come to to make copies, I am the blueprint
In saying this, I came to the realization that I can do way better
I am more than a face, I am a full alphabet not a letter
I am a voice that will tell you what you just lost
I am an influence to many, I amount to a higher cost
I am too hard to be described lyrically
I am too beautiful to try to be pictured using imagery
I am my music, the music I listen to, the music I write
I am hope for our generation, to the dark tunnel I'm the light
Despite the fact I'm a female, I am the strongest in the class
In the survival of the fittest I would be the one to last
I am intelligence that only comes to a few
I use words like ambiguous, preposterous, so I'm a nerd they presume
So ask me who I am and what you haven't won
And I'll tell you that I am not the one

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