I am Nothing but Human

I have wrestled with it,
A struggle in which there is no exit.
Humans –such power in us,
Yet, severely flawed creature we are.

Trapped, chained in the dungeons
By the dragons who get drunken
Off of our well-deserved misery.
Addiction will forever be written in my history.

I’d drop a coin in a well,
But for now I am poor.
Painfully hearing the yell
Of my agonizing soul turned impure.

My will is betrayed;
Not for much, only thirty pieces of silver.
satan enters, eager to invade
Oh where, where is my reliever?

Acknowledging the error every time,
Yet, driven by the evil mime
Quietly killing me inside.
There is nowhere to hide.

My super hero cape falls behind,
The kryptonite destroys my mind,
My emotions, my self-esteem.
Little does my enemy know…
My Lord will come, and He comes to redeem.

In every revolution,
In every quest of freedom,
There is pain, sorrow –execution.
His life has paid my ransom.

Every moment, every fight,
Strengthens my connection to the Light,
Like the help offered by a loving father
To his beloved child when life gets harder.

With tears in my eyes I admit,
Self-control I have none but a whit.
My mind and body are sinful
But my heart and soul have become colorful;
Filled with hope and love
Patiently waiting for help from above.

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